GLR Injection Technologies Pty Ltd (GLR) believe it's important for our customers to be fully informed and so we provide the following facts on this proven innovative technology that clearly demonstrates the benefits for our customers, their clients and the environment. GLR cleaning Plant and Product works in such a way that places it above all others that have attempted to master this extremely challenging service technology.

The benefits to your client's car performance have been precisely measured and are unquestionable. Improved fuel economy and power output ensures optimum performance whilst minimising the impact on the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions.


GLR has been providing mobile injection system cleaning services in Western Australia for the past 11 years under the name of Mr Injector. With a “Feel the difference before you pay” guarantee, GLR has stood by its product and service. Without reciting test results GLR can demonstrate customer confidence and satisfaction by the steady growth of new clients and the continuous return of existing clients.

GLR offers a mobile cleaning service or alternatively we sell or rent our patented cleaning units.

The GLR “Product” is a crude oil based solvent, able to be used in both petrol and diesel engines. Its chemical make up is a closely guarded secret. 

The Product has been developed in-house and perfected over the past 11 years, with the assistance of a geophysicist chemist, to specifically target fuel related deposits that build up in engine fuel injection systems. This Product has been tested successfully in domestic and commercial applications.

Of particular interest are the specific tests that have been carried out to verify its cleaning capabilities to remove fuel-based deposits from injectors whilst not impacting the integrity of oil based deposits. These tests are explained in more detail in the summary notes of the Orbital Engineering test report.

GLR “Plant” has been enhanced over the past 11 years with the latest model, the Mk XI with patented components, is a superior unit that requires virtually no maintenance, has been designed specifically to ensure the best performance of the Product and show the physical evidence of each clean. Accordingly we strongly encourage all mechanics show their clients a sample of the material removed and captured in the unit's return product viewing vile. 

GLR technique has been developed and proven over the past 11 years, with the company performing over 100,000 injector cleans and many thousands more done by others utilising our Product and Plant. Less than 0.1 % claims on the guarantee of “Feel the difference before you pay” unequivocally confirms customer satisfaction.

GLR recommends that petrol and diesel engines have their injectors GLR cleaned every 20,000 km or once per year, whichever is the earliest.