GLR believe the fairest way to obtain non-subjective and unbiased test results are to have all testing supervised and carried out independently. This has been achieved by using West Australian companies that have an interest in ensuring the testing produces accurate and verifiable results.




Image removed.In July 2010, a representative from GLR telephoned my business. Through my cynical eyes, I heard a salesman promising the world for a pretty reasonable price. When the sales spiel was finished and it was clear that their demo would not cost me money, nor would I be obliged to purchase their product, I agreed to keep my mind open and allow the demo in my workshop. 

But clever Mark had a secret weapon, sure to catch out an unworthy product - a Mainline chassis Dyno and the work ute (Dyno Mule). My work ute, VU V8, having logged in excess of 40 Dyno Pulls, we are pretty confident we know how much hp and what the AFR's look like. First pull on the Dyno yielded 272 hp, second pull was 270 hp, so this was our starting point.

GLR then cleaned the 170,000 km injectors, and we gave it another pull to see if there was any improvement. 293 hp with an AFR of 11:1, which means the injectors were now flowing more volume, given the old AFR was 12.8:1.

It gets better. After digesting the Dyno data, we re-tuned using VCM Suite and yielded an impressive 342 hp with AFR's back at 12.8:1 at full throttle 6500 rpm.

Kind Regards
Mark Bone
Managing Director
Phone: 9581 6170


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1) BEFOREImage removed.


Please not: Results From Mandurah Performance.

1) Increase In Speed .................... from 187 km/hr to 202 km/hr .... 8% Speed Improvement
2) Increase In Power (Horsepower)........ from 272 HP to 293 HP .... 7.72% Horsepower Improvement

The horsepower improvement equates to a 7.72% increase ... BUT NOTE ... This vehicle's rev limiter caused the motor to cut out prior to achieving maximum power. Mark Bone advises that after tweaking this limiter he will achieve some 500 or more RPM, which would equate to a further increase in speed and horsepower.

3) Further increase in Power after rev limiter adjustment and retuning ... Speed 209 kph and 342 HP

          An overall improvement of: 11.8% for speed and 25% for Horsepower

This vehicle is well maintained, only uses premium high quality fuel, and has been tuned for maximum performance ... therefore, for our solvent to achieve what appears to be a 20 plus percent increase is a great testament to the integrity of this product.


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3) Final Resultants - after retuning

Image removed. Download Mandurah Performance's Test Report [256 kB]

Image removed. Download Mandurah Performance's Letter [146 kB]




Image removed. Download Gold Field's Test Report [397 kB]

Image removed. Download Gold Field's Summary [190 kB]

In July 2003 Gold Fields Australia's St Ives Gold Mine, in conjunction with GLR and Kalgoorlie based independent testing facilities, conducted before and after tests on a selection of Gold Fields mine site diesel vehicles. The results speak for themselves. They show conclusive improvements in hp torque, fuel economy and emissions. The fuel consumption figures alone justify the commercial viability of having injectors cleaned regularly on all their mobile fleet on site.

The average Performance Improvements and fuel savings on the 3 Gold Fields mine site 6 cylinder diesel vehicles were extremely impressive and can be summarised as follows:


kW – 15 % average improvement


Torque – 20 % average improvement


Fuel saving on fuel consumed per kW – 15 % average improvement

• Reduced emissions KW corrected – 19 % average improvement


These results, extrapolated over 12 months for the 50 light vehicles Gold Fields have on site, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 223 tonnes and reduce fuel consumption by 83,000 lt.

In addition to the independent tests GLR has carried out many tests for new customers who use other injector cleaning products. All these tests have demonstrated the superiority of our Product. But don't take our word for it; put us to the test. If you are a service provider (commercial workshop or fleet) and to trial our product we'll be happy to prove our product is the best of its kind, at no cost to you provided you're happy to agree to enter into an agreement if we are successful. If you own a vehicle that isn't performing as it should call us for details of our closest commercial client to you or arrange a time when we can come to you.

In addition to the tremendous commercial benefits of an injector cleaning system the physical benefits cannot be understated. These include


proven fuel and emission reduction with increased power;


flat spots, poor acceleration and other injector related problems caused by clogged injectors will be eliminated;


engines will run smoother and noticeably quieter with better acceleration response and more power.

Image removed. Download Gold Field's Test Report [397 kB]

Image removed. Download Gold Field's Summary [190 kB]





Image removed. Download Orbital Engine's Test Report [948 kB]

Image removed. Download Orbital Engine's Summary [98 kB]

In 2001 GLR's Product was tested by independent engineers Orbital Engines Company (Aust) Pty Ltd, at their facilities Image removed.in Western AustraliaImage removed., with a view to clearly demonstrate engine performance characteristics, in a variety of circumstances, before and after cleans. Please refer to the summary of the Orbital report (below).


Orbital Engineering Report on before & after tests and verification tests done on 4 vehicles in various states of repair and engine configuration, including rationale notes to assist the reader interpreting the test results.

GLR provides the following rationale to assist your interpretation of the Orbital report findings and specifically the rationale for conducting tests on specific engines


Toyota Hilux (normal)

The figures show a 7.9 % improvement in fuel economy and a 34.9 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. These are tyImage removed.pical outcomes of a GLR clean and demonstrate that cleaning injectors has a significant effect on engine performance, improving fuel economy and lowering green house emissions. These figures are consistent with the Gold Fields test results.



Nissan Atlas (new injectors)

This vehicle had been fitted with new injectors. The rationale behind this test was to prove that, even with new injectors,Image removed. our clean was beneficial to the motor as the fuel pump and combustion area were the focus of the clean. The most significant results were the marked reduction in greenhouse emissions, which evidences successful cleaning of the fuel pump and combustion area, enabling these areas to operate as designed to ensure the correct fuel, and air mix, which promotes a cleaner burning engine.


Nissan Patrol (old smoky)

This high mileage vehicle, with a motor that was clearly worn out (due to oil smoke present while engine running), was cleaned to demonstrate that our Image removed.Product and cleaning process would not remove carbon from around the piston rings which is essential to ensure the engine does not burn oil. The results conclusively proved that our Solvent and cleaning process did not remove carbon from the rings, evidenced by lower fuel consumption and emissions (whilst modest) being reported.


Holden Rodeo (Modified Engine)

This vehicle had a modified engine. A worked cam shaft altered the compression and rocker ratios and a super charger had been installed. Image removed.The tests unfortunately did not include engine hp torque improvements in the rev range which, had it been reported would explain the variation in the figures reported as it would have shown the increase in hp torque for each test. When you consider a modified engine's purpose is to increase the air and fuel flow through the engine (valve overlap) the results make sense. i.e. 100 % emission increase means that more fuel and air flowed through the engine after our clean.



The Orbital independent tests were a tremendous success on all vehicles tested and conclusively demonstrate the benefits and effects of the GLR cleaning process on various engines.

Image removed. Download Orbital Engine's Test Report [948 kB]

Image removed. Download Orbital Engine's Summary [98 kB]