Technical Details


It is a well-known fact that modern engines use fuel injection and associated systems (fuel pumps, air flow etc) to deliver precise quantities of fuel and air to the combustion chamber of the engine. It is this precise nature that necessitates the need for clean lines, pumps and injectors. Modern engine tuning is typically done automatically by the vehicles on-board computer, ensuring the engine runs to its manufacturer's design, which is with perfectly clean injectors delivering the correct and consistent flow of fuel to the combustion chamber.


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How Injectors Work

Because of their location, fuel injectors get heat soaked every time the engine is turned off. The heat rises and evaporates the fuel in the tips of the injectors leaving gum, varnish and other deposits that cause imperfect spray patterns to the combustion chamber, resulting in poor driveability symptoms such as rough idle, stalling, hesitations, flat spots, poor acceleration, increased fuel consumption, black smoke or hard starting.


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How injectors are cleaned

These deposits and residue in the tips of the injectors are removed by the GLR patented cleaning Plant and Product, without damaging your engine and we have the tests to prove it .


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